Dr Fangde Liu

Mechatronics in Medicine Lab, Mechanical Engineering Department

Imperial College London, South Kensington, London.  SW7 2AZ

Mobile: +44 07576133607, Email: fangde.liu@imperial.ac.uk

Birth Date: 08/11/1983; Marital Status: Single.


Dr Fangde Liu, Phd, Senior Associate of Royal Society of Medicine, Member of British Machine Vision Association,  is an expert on medical imaging and image guided robotic  surgery. His research focuses on High Performance Surgery  Navigation Systems, which has been applied for endovascular surgery, minimally invasive  neurosurgery, in situ cancer diagnosis and orthopedics implants customization.  Dr Liu has  various clinical and industry cooperators including Royal Society of Medicine, British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK, Wellcome Trust, Charing Cross Hospital, St George Hospital, University Medical Center Groningen, Philips Research, BrainLab, Kuka Robotics, MedRobot and Renishaw.

Research Interests

Surgical Robotics System, Smart Operating Room, Computer Aided Surgery Planning,  Implants Customization, Medical Image and Signal Processing, Medical Image Visualization, Deep Learning, Parallel Computing.  


PhD, National Centre of Computer Animation, Bournemouth University. 2008–2012

        Supervisor: Prof Jian J Zhang, Professor and Director of NCCA

Physics Based  Character Motion Synthesis

MSc, Harbin Institute of Technology, Electrical Engineering. 2006–2008 

        Supervisor: Prof Dianguo Xu, Assistant President of HIT, Dean of EE School

Robotics and Sensor Network

BSc, Harbin Institute of Technology, Electrical Engineering.  2002–2006 

        Supervisor: Prof Dianguo Xu.

        Electrical Automation and Power Electronics


2012-Now Research Associate, Imperial College London.

Leading the development of image guided autonomous navigation system for  minimal invasive surgery and non destructive inspection (NDI)  robots, take part in the following projects.

STING (Soft Tissue Intervention and Neurosurgical Guide), ERC F7 funded project developing a biological inspired steerable needle for neurosurgery. Leading investigation of the following topics:

GPU accelerated Robotic Operating System for Surgery Navigation

Flexible Surgical Instruments localization based on Ultrasound

MRI and Ultrasound Fusion

Fluorescent Particle  Image Velocity for Tissue Mechanics Modeling

Parallel Surgery Planning and Obstacle avoidance

Smart Catheter, British Heart Foundation funded project developing  nbsp;optical sensing catheter that ease endovascular surgery and free surgeon from CT angiography radiation. Leading development of the following technology.

Fibre Bragg Gate based Catheter shape reconstruction and localization

Tactile sensing based vascular tissue diagnosis

Augmented Reality User Interface for the Surgeon

Active Constraints ERC FP7 funded attentive operating room project for human-robot cooperative surgery. contributed the  dynamic surgery safety field visualization technology needed by the AR system.

NDI Snake Robots for Rolls Royce Trent Series Turbine Engine (Rolls Royce). contributed high performance image guided navigation system

Complete Shoulder Replacement Centre, Wellcome Trust founded surgery research project.

Investigate the Surgery plan transfer and implants customization technology based on non rigid registration

2008-2012 PhD Candidate, National Centre for Computer Animation, Bournemouth University.

Focused on Physics based Character Animation and Deformation Technology for Visual Effects Production. Investigate the animation system based on human anatomy and motor control principle which combining the control theory, biomechanics and neuroscience  

Physically Based Deformation of Anatomy Structures.

Multigrid and Domain decomposition numeric solver

Constrained Rigid and Fluid Dynamic Simulation

Dynamic Bipedal Walking Simulation.

Cell mapping dynamic analysis

Adaptive bipedal walking synthesis

Dimension Reduction and latent space analysis for walking motion

2007 Intern Robotic Software Engineer, ABB Group, Robotic Department R&D, Shanghai.

Software developer for Machining PowerPac, a plugin of Robotic Studio 5, a commercial Robotic Virtual Programming Environment that generates machining motion program based CAD model. In charge of Tool Calibration and Virtual/Working Environment Registration

Academic Publication

Moduli Space Sampling: A Fast and Robust Parallel Planning for Steerable Needle. F Liu, J Peterson, F Rodriguez y Baena, ROBIO 2015 (submitted)

On-line path planning for steerable needle with nonlinear constraints. C Burrows, F Liu, F Rodriguez Y Baena. IROS 2015

Motion adaptation with motor invariant theory F Liu, R Southern, S Guo, X Yang, JJ Zhang

Cybernetics, IEEE Transactions on 43 (3), 1131-1145

Deformation-as-control for a biologically inspired steerable needle F Liu, C Burrows, F Rodriguez y Baena Robotics and Biomimetics (ROBIO), 2013 IEEE International Conference on, 848-853

ROS-Based GPU Acceleration Framework for Image Guided Surgery F Liu, G Sison, FR y Baena The Hamlyn Symposium on Medical Robotics, 47

A biologically inspired latent space for gait parameterization R Southern, S Guo, F Liu, JJ Zhang ACM SIGGRAPH 2012 Posters, 1

Adaptive Motion Synthesis by Qualitative Approach  Fangde Liu, Xiaosong Yang, JJ Zhang. IADIS International Journal on Computer Science and Information Systems 7 (1)

Registration for 3D model of human atlas based on vertex information P JIAO, J CHANG, X YANG, Y JIAO, F LIU, S GUO, R BAI, J OUYANG, Journal of Medical Biomechanics 5, 018

STING–A Soft Tissue Intervention and Neurosurgical Guide A Leibinger, C Burrows, F Liu, MJ Oldfield, R Secoli, FR y Baena, IEEE Life Science Grand Challenge Conference, 2013

Invited Talk

Surgical Robotics at Imperial College London, National Key lab of Complex System and Control, China Academy of Science, 12/2013

Robotic Surgery  and Augmented Reality, National Key Lab of Virtual Reality Technology, BeiHang University, 07/2014

Proposal Writing:

EDEN2020: H2020 minimally invasive drug deliver robotic system for ealy brain cancer treatment and disease.

SmartCatheter: British Heart Fundation Funded optical sensing robotic catheter for endovascular surgery.

Business Development

2012 Founded ArTek group, which provided consulting service of computer graphics and visual effects. Built relationship with major technology provider such Foundry, Arnold and  Chinese Film Production Company and Cloud Rendering Providers. Awarded the Silver Prize in Oversea High Skill Entrepreneurship Awarded by China Embassy.

2013 Represent IET  at System, Man and Cybernetics Conference, IEEE for promote global cooperation. Initiated the cooperation between IET ,  Indian Institutes and Abu Dhabi University.